How use google analytics tool?

As a content marketer, you are interested in growing your small business blog. But you might be having problems coming up with result-driven blog post ideas that will connect and convert your readers. That means, whenever you want to write a post, you’re not sure what to write

Here are proven ways How use google analytics tool to generate blog content topics for both your clients’ blogs and yours.

Find your blog’s top pages

You can find one of the most visible indicators of your audience’s interests in the “Average Time On Page” section. The data gives you a better idea of which pages are keeping your audience around the longest. If they are sticking around, that’s a sign that they like what they are looking at, and it helps to reduce bounce rate and increase dwell time. But how can You find this data?

Use Google Analytics to discover top searches on your blog

If you’ve created a website or blog page and didn’t put it in a search bar, you would have made one of the blogging mistakes. When people get the option of searching for something by typing it in versus trying to find it manually, they are going to take the shortcut.

So the best part about Google Analytics is, you can find out what people are searching for on your site.

  • Go to the “Behavior” section, click on “Site Search,” and go to “Search Terms.”

You will find a list of every query that people made on your page. You might be surprised to find out that people are searching for something you haven’t even thought of producing.

There’s your content generation. You can potentially have a whole list of new ideas to include on your blog based on the words people are typing into that search box. So if you don’t have a search bar yet, you may want to consider adding one to your blog.

Use Google Analytics to set blogging goals

How to use Google Analytics is not only about brainstorming blog post ideas. Every business and blog is different; what you want to get out of your page might not be the same as the next blogger or content marketer.

That’s why Google Analytics’ “New Goal” tool is so essential for content creation. Firstly, there are four different goal types that you can choose:

  1. Events: Video plays, social recommendations, ad clicks
  2. Pages/Screen per session: When a user clicks on several screens or pages
  3. Duration: A session that lasts out a particular volume of time
  4. Destination: Specific site loads

Thus, you have to find your blogging objective or what you want from your blog. It can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to blogging and running a web page. But, the Google Analytics software will guide you through the tasks of getting your blog goals set up.

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